It’s Kiwiana, but not as you know it

Deepfried Kiwi is full of comics, artwork, stories and other fun pictures with a New Zealand twist.

Mostly fun, sometimes serious, but always entertaining. I put in shitloads of effort to ensure that you won’t find anything else like my stuff online.

Everything is written and drawn by me, Steve (and occasionally my Mrs gets involved too). We’re supposed to be living happily ever after in Auckland, New Zealand. Sometimes that’s hard ‘cos we’re living on one income and the greedy government, supermarkets and council won’t stop squeezing more cash out of us.

I sent them all a polite ‘GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK OR ELSE’ letter but it didn’t help. The government got the GCSB to start spying on me; the supermarket served me with a trespass notice; and the council… did nothing, as usual.

Life’s also been harder than it needs to be because we’ve had some of the worst neighbours in Auckland. P, marijuana, threats, violence, gunshots are just a few of the endearing words that describe living next-door to such criminal jeaniuses.

I contemplated sending them a friendly ‘FUCK OFF OR ELSE’ letter, but… decided that wouldn’t be very ‘neighbourly’ of me, now would it?

Enjoy my comics, artwork and stories.

Your bro,

Deep-fried Kiwi