C90 Pod

c90-pod_green-yellow-thumbIt’s hard to imagine now, but yes, there was life before the iPod. It has been confirmed. There were even other ways to take music with you and listen to it on the go. Ahh yes, you remember those days too. Walkman and cassette days. Days of the C45, C60 and C90. They were simpler days and in many ways better days. Although not better in all ways. Gone are the days of painfully slow ‘high-speed’ dubbing, chewed-up tapes and the infuriating guesswork required to find the start of the next track on your cassette. Wear this artwork to let everyone know that you’re mature enough to remember those good old days, but young-at-heart and savvy enough to keep step with generation ‘i’. Groove to your iPod. Reminisce about your walkman. Just be sure to make the most of every last night-out.