Simon says, show me some love

simon-says_thumbEverybody knows that when Simon says “jump” people jump. When Simon says “dance like this” people dance like that. No questions asked. Well, Simon says a lot of things. Some we can print on artwork. Others we can’t. But when Simon said “Show me some love,” we knew Simon was on to something. What a ‘nice-yet-naughty’ way to invite some spice into your nightlife. You’ll be impressed when men do exactly as Simon says and show you some love: They pull out their wallets and shout you some wine; offer you their coat; indulge you with their finest conversation; and to top it off they invite you back home for some ‘REAL’ loving. At this point you may politely accept the invitation, or graciously decline and take Simon to another bar to do it all over again… because Simon says so.