Chur-p Chur-p

Original artwork by Deep-fried Kiwi. Available on a range of products and gifts. More images and info below


Artwork description:
Q: What did the cheeky fantail say as he took-off with the sea-gull’s bread-crust?
A: Chur-p chur-p.

‘Chur-p chur-p’ is a common catch-phrase amongst New Zealand’s cutest native birds. Display this artwork around your home and soon … all of your visitors will be saying it too. Chur-p chur-p.

This artwork is available on a range of quality products and gifts including cushions, pencil cases, framed wall art, posters and more. See below for examples, or discover the full range in my Redbubble store by clicking here

Special Note From Artist: It was originally believed the common kiwi phrase ‘chur chur’ was taught to a fantail chick rescued by a New Zealand wildlife worker. The bird later passed the catch-phrase onto other fantails when released into the wild as a healthy adult. During the process of cross-species communication, the multifaceted Kiwi phrase (which can mean yes, hello, goodbye or I concur) transformed into “Chur-p chur-p”. It was later believed that this story was ‘almost certainly’ invented for the purposes of artistic embellishment by some ‘cheeky Kiwi’. But that hasn’t stopped NZ’s forest birds adopting it into their bush song. Walk into any New Zealand forest and hear it for yourself:)


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