Barbie girl

For me, it’s been the best Kiwi summer in fricken’ ages. Been places, done lots. I discovered barbecued mussels too. Fresh, live coromandel mussels, no less. Beautiful plain, no marinade required. Cook a few minutes till they ‘pop’ open and leave for a few minutes longer to add some rich, smokey BBQ flavour (wood chips work wonders).

Being surrounded by the heat, smells and sizzling sounds of summer, I put together this new artwork for all the Kiwi girls out there who have taken to the tongs, pushed aside their partners and sparked up the barbie. Welcome to the great outdoors. It sure beats the heck outta the kitchen.

Artwork description:
The BBQ has traditionally been the sacred realm of the Kiwi bloke. But like most traditions, that tradition is being carved and sliced into pieces all across New Zealand. Girls are braving the flames to add sizzle to our steaks. Sausages have never looked so sexy. At least not in my house anyway. Well done, Barbie girls everywhere.

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