Easy alternative to Global Mode in New Zealand


My fellow Kiwis,

I hate to admit it … but sometimes it’s better to be an American.

One of those times was when Slingshot, Orcon and other New Zealand internet service providers were bullied by larger, greedier, more well-funded companies to shut down their Global Mode service. Cutting Kiwis off from a whole world of entertainment options.

Today I bring you GREAT NEWS … an alternative to Global Mode

I have found an easy, quick way for you to unblock your favourite entertainment on Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and more. The US Netflix site offers around SIX TIMES more content than New Zealand’s Netflix. Accessing that (with your current NZ subscription) would give you a lot more BANG for your buck, right?

The way to unblock MORE of the content you’re already paying for is … Unblock-us!

Their solution is so quick and easy, you could be set up and USING it within 3 minutes from now.

Unblock-us is a large, trusted business, serving customers from all around the world… so you have nothing to worry about. They’ll take good care of you.

The even HAPPIER part is …

You can try them out FREE for 7-days.

You don’t have to enter ANY payment details to get started. No credit card. No Pay Pal. Nothing. Just an email address.

You don’t have to download ANY software. So there’s no worry about anyone spying on you.

I am using Unblock-us myself right now, and I have found them to be very fast and effective. I wouldn’t be telling you about them otherwise.

You will still require a paid, active account with your preferred entertainment service (e.g. Netflix) – just like you did with Global Mode.

Still concerned about technical issues? Well, don’t be.

They have a great 24-hour support team. I tested the team myself, just to be sure. They responded quickly and clearly … even on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

There is no obligation to remain with the service after your free trial and you can cancel your account with them at any time. When your FREE 7-day trial ends you can ditch it or carry on at a very low, affordable price of only $4.99 a month or $49.90 a year. You can choose to pay in US or Canadian currency.

Have a GREAT weekend of blobbing out in front of a WHOLE WORLD OF ENTERTAINMENT

Unblock a world of Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and much, much more FREE for 7-days by clicking here!

I want to let you know that I have signed up as an affiliate of Unblock-us and will receive a small payment if you choose to sign up using the links I have provided on this page. Fair enough I say, as every person you’ve ever purchased anything from has been paid a commission or wage by someone, right? It’s no different out here on the internet either. I hope you appreciate that. Before I get a single cent though … The service must prove itself to you with your FREE 7-day trial. I’m confident it will. But if you don’t think so, for any reason, you can just walk away. Remember, you’ll be dealing with a large, trusted service and they’ll keep doing what they can to make your entertainment life blissful and secure.

Again, you can complete the quick sign-up process by clicking here. An email address is all you’ll need.

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