My new New Zealand flag for John Key


John Key, I made this especially for YOU!

Truth is, the reason why the new options for New Zealand’s flag suck so much (as a fellow Kiwi points out in this article, here ), is that New Zealand’s truest artists … the ones that are actually IN TOUCH and IN LOVE with this little lump of dirt so much … will NEVER bow to you and how untrue your heart has become. They have simply refused to produce something meaningful or beautiful for you. But remember … it’s never too late to go back … just let go … re-attach … and change everything. You can be great, and I will personally attempt greatness for you if you choose to be, but please … a little honesty first … ‘cos honestly homie … a little honesty works.

P.S. If you choose ANY of the current flags then you will FOREVER be remembered as the mediocre Prime Minister that we, the people, will be FORCED to laugh at EVERY time we look at our national flag. Then we’ll teach our children to do the same, too. But seriously, do you really want to be that guy?

C’mon … save OUR money, fool. And at the same time salvage some pride. $26 MILLION dollars would be better spent on just about ANYTHING other than YOUR EGO!.