‘O’ for awesome


Whether you’re a cricket lover or a downright hater, it’s hard not to be inspired by the Black Caps. A team of Kiwi blokes who have surpassed all expectations and defied the odds as they battled to the top of their game. Unbeaten … with a straight eight-win streak. And seriously underfunded compared to the competition.

It’s the epitomy of ‘Kiwiness’. A story of deepest love for the game. A tale of pure heart. And a delivery of impossible achievement.

The fact is, New Zealand cricketers aren’t in it for the money. I checked.

Their base salaries range from around $20k to $40k. Contrast that with their Aussie counterparts who can bank millions of dollars each year.

Sure, sponsorship deals sweeten the sum for a few players but it’s hardly a sure bet, is it?

For our Kiwi boys it’s a good thing there’s also prize money to be had… and winning the World Cup final is where things get exciting. Not just for us, the viewers, but for the players, too.

If New Zealand claims the 2015 Cricket World Cup, a player could earn ten times his base salary. That will go some way to rewarding the amazing effort they’ve put in so far, right?

Yes! They’ve sacrificed their weekends. They’ve dedicated their lives. They’ve contested for pride. And they’ve certainly earned the world’s respect. Now it’s time for payday.

Go Black Caps!