My four New Zealand flag options for John Key

Dear John Key,

Out of the deepest, most insincere part of my crack, I made these FOUR New Zealand flags ESPECIALLY for YOU. Love it up!


John, this first piece is simple, yet powerful. The message is strong in this one.
It really kicks you in the nuts, doesn’t it?

But wait John, there’s more!

Since you were benevolent enough to provide FOUR disgusting flag options for the people of your country to vote on … I figured I’d extend you the same discourtesy.

Now hold on to your balls, brother, there’s a massive, but incredibly FUN drop ahead. For your ego that is.

New New Zealand Flag for John Key


Following your example, this second flag option is very similar to the first…
But even MORE spectacularly unattractive.

So, which do you prefer so far?

ONE or TWO … so hard to choose … either way …. you pick … you lose

… And we, the people of New Zealand know exactly how that feels given the options you supplied us with. Isn’t it artful, John?



While I like this third option … I feel it lacks the raw “Punch the Prime Minister in the mouth” attitude of the others, doesn’t it, John?

But steady your nerves, ‘cos the fourth and final flag is an extra special treat, John. It is by FAR my favourite. It’s so ugly … because it mirrors your true heart. And that’s what art and flags are all about, right?



With this fourth flag option, I feel I’m on to a REAL WINNER! I have REALLY captured the true essence of what you want to see in the New Zealand flag …


And that’s the Key, isn’t it John? You’re high on an ego trip.

I can see you falling deeply in love with this flag, as I’m sure many of my fellow Kiwis will too.

This flag would be perfect hanging on your bedroom wall, don’t you think, John? Maybe on the ceiling, right above your bed.

Imagine waking up to that every morning, just as your country does. It’s no wonder we all love you so very much, isn’t it John?


P.S. C’mon Johnny … save OUR money, FOOL … And at the same time salvage some pride. $26 MILLION dollars would be better spent on just about ANYTHING other than YOUR EGO!

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