Slave wages in New Zealand? (Part 3)


This is Part 3 of my awesome Kiwi comic. You can read Part 1 here, or Part 2 here


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Special Note From Author: So what now? The future is in your hands. And mine. And the hands of every other Kiwi on the planet.

Think about what you want the ‘Kiwi culture’ to stand for. Does it really mean longer hours for lower wages? I don’t think so. I think it’s about CHOICE, bro. As in the choice to work longer and have more, or to work less and enjoy the lifestyle you are happy with. Hours worked should be proportionate to the size of your Kiwi dream. We shouldn’t all have to work overtime just to get through.

Sure, it’s hard to say exactly what ‘Kiwi culture’ is … but every Kiwi knows in their heart precisely what it feels like. And right now, shit don’t feel right. If you feel the same way … write something, do something, tell someone. Or for what it’s worth, vote differently. Change will only happen, when we all speak together. And that includes you.