Facebook app privacy policy

Our Facebook app does not collect any information about you. It is a null app used simply as an app ID so that www.deepfriedkiwi.com can implement the Facebook like button and like box on your website.

However, if you use these buttons, Facebook will begin collecting information about you so that it can provide you with a more personal experience. For more information about what information Facebook collects and how it is used, see the relevant Facebook privacy policy which you agreed to when you signed up for a Facebook account.

From time to time we may review the names of members who have ‘liked’ our page, either through our Facebook fan page or our website like box. We may use this information, for instance, to contact the winner(s) of our Facebook competitions and to announce the winner(s) Facebook account names on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/deepfriedkiwi).

We reserve the right to amend our privacy policy at any time, without notice, although we will NEVER sell any of your personal details.

We respect your privacy and don’t believe in BS.